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Insights into the diversity of microbial communities

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Taxonomic profiling of bacteria, archaea, viruses and protozoa independent of taxonomic origin

  • Next-generation sequencing approach that requires no knowledge of taxonomic gene markers
  • Simultaneous analysis of all genomes in a given sample
  • Insights into antibiotic resistance, functional processes of complex microbial communities

INVIEW™ stands for streamlined next generation sequencing (NGS) solutions for all types of research projects.
Our services for metagenome analysis, EXPLORE and ADVANCE are designed to meet the requirements of any molecular microbiology research project.

Metagenome sequencing is a powerful tactic of detecting, quantifying and profiling all microorganisms that make up complex microbial communities. The method avoids the need to culture and it requires no prior knowledge of taxonomic gene markers. Metagenome analysis can be used to generate accurate taxonomic profiles of natural microbial environments and to uncover functional processes and antibiotic resistance factors present within these communities.

Our services area ideal for monitoring changes in microbial composition during varying stress conditions or for discovery of novel biomarkers and bioactive compounds. 

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INVIEW™ METAGENOME by GATC Biotech product image


Manufacturer GATC Biotech  |  Available Worldwide

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