Intelligent Heated Modules by Vitl Life Science Solutions

Manufacturer Vitl Life Science Solutions  |  Available Worldwide
Adapters for the Ther-Mix and Flexi-Therm

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Intelligent Heated Modules

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These Heated modules are a more efficient and accurate method of sample heating. They work in a similar way to PCR-style heating - instead of heating the air around the sample, the lid of the Heated Module is in direct contact with the consumable.

They are pre-calibrated too so there’s no need to waste space with thermometers or thermocouples.

If you’re using a Ther-Mix and Flexi-Therm with the same Module, it will remember the last used settings and automatically detect which base unit you have connected it to – no need to reprogram each time.



  • Can be used on both the Flexi-Therm and Ther-Mix
  • Independent control of sample and lid temperatures to reduce evaporation and condensation
  • Previously used settings stored in each Heated Module
  • Range of blocks available for different microplate, microtube and test tube formats
  • Safety holding screw to prevent Module detaching from the base at high speeds



  • Sample prep for PCR
  • Preheating of samples
  • Thawing frozen samples
  • Reactions requiring good thermal control
  • Sample incubation
  • Maintaining sample temperature after mixing with the Ther-Mix