Immunohistochemistry Services by The Niche CRO Group

Manufacturer The Niche CRO Group  |  Available Worldwide
HistologiX is a leading GLP/GCP accredited Contract Research Organisation based in the UK specialising in Histology, Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Digital Pathology services. HistologiX works with a broad range of clients from big pharma to small and medium biotech companies worldwide. Our team of scientists have in excess of 120 years combined experience and a customer retention rate of 80%. 

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Immunohistochemistry Services

The Niche CRO Group

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HistologiX has extensive expertise in immunohistochemistry (IHC) services including, identifying the cellular expression of specific proteins or RNA transcripts localised within tissues. Expertise in optimizing and staining unique and novel targets.

Biomarker Identification

We provide solutions designed in conjunction with our clients to help identify suitable IHC and IF biomarkers which we will validate on your behalf. We use frozen or FFPE samples and we can provide complete IHC assay development or assay transfer of our clients’ methods, which we will validate and optimise to demonstrate they are fit for purpose.

High-throughput IHC Screening

Our research scientists screen normal and diseased tissues, using optimised IHC and ISH assays to detect the presence and amount of target within cell lines, patient tissue or xenografts.

Our IHC services can be used for various applications including: the demonstration of protein expression for the cell signalling pathway, efficacy biomarkers, PK and PD study endpoints, POM and POP study biomarkers, pre- and post-therapy patient biopsy screening, pharmacology studies, biosimilar studies and companion diagnostic studies.

Multi-staining Assays

HistologiX can provide multi-staining assays to identify multiple targets in the same tissue section. Pairing with digital image analyses is especially valuable to identify co-staining in these assays.

Target Validation and Distribution

HistologiX can perform target validation and distribution on tissue microarrays (TMAs) to obtain data from many samples. 

Tissue Sourcing

HistologiX has unrivalled access to a range of ethically sourced tissue for research through its sister company Tissue Solutions. 

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Immunohistochemistry Services by The Niche CRO Group product image

Immunohistochemistry Services

Manufacturer The Niche CRO Group  |  Available Worldwide

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