iLite® Functional Bioassays by Svar Life Science AB

Manufacturer Svar Life Science AB  |  Available Worldwide
The iLite Functional Bioassay portfolio consists of cell lines provided in an “assay-ready” format for a rapid and convenient workflow. The assay-ready format also reduces assay variability, optimizing its use in screening, characterization, stability, and potency studies. iLite cell lines can be tailored to virtually any biopharmaceutical target.

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iLite® Functional Bioassays
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The iLite Functional Bioassay portfolio is based on a reporter gene system and offers a convenient and powerful way of measuring and quantifying drug potency, detecting neutralizing antibodies (NAbs), and assessing immunogenicity. 

The portfolio consists of: 

Complement Products 
iLite® C5a [BM4075]

Cytokine responsive
iLite® RANKL [BM4052]
iLite® TNF-alpha [BM3044]
iLite® Type I IFN [BM3049]

Hormone responsive
iLite® hCG [BM4080]
iLite® Insulin [BM3060]

Interleukine responsive
iLite® IL-2 [BM4002]
iLite® IL-6 [BM4061]
iLite® IL-12 [BM4012]
iLite® IL-23 [BM4023]

Growth Factors
iLite® VEGF [BM4021]
iLite® FGF-21 [BM3071]
iLite® GM-CSF [BM4050]
iLite® G-CSF [BM4055]

Toll-Like Receptors
iLite® TLR4 [BM4025]
iLite® TLR9 [BM6069]