ibidi Pump System by ibidi GmbH

Manufacturer ibidi GmbH  |   Model: 10902  |  Available Worldwide
A pump system for the cultivation of, e.g. endothelial, cells under flow for simulation of blood vessels. Combine with ibidi Channel slides, such as the µ-Slide I Luer, for cell culture under flow conditions.

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ibidi Pump System
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  • Simulate physiological conditions: Mimic in vivo-like conditions for cells that are physiologically exposed to shear stress (e.g., endothelial and epithelial cells)
  • Perform long-term flow:  Establish cell culture under defined flow conditions for days to several weeks
  • Stay flexible: Compatible with various cell culture slides (not limited to ibidi slides), all incubators, and incubated microscopes


  • Defined shear stress in long-term culture (e.g., endothelial cells, kidney, or biofilm)
  • Live cell imaging and immunofluorescence for analyzing shear stress response
  • Mimicking shear stress conditions in microcapillary, venous, and arterial flow
  • Rolling and adhesion of suspended cells on substrates
  • Stopped-flow experiments
  • 3D cell culture: interstitial flow

Technical Details:

  • Application of unidirectional, pulsatile, and oscillating flow for simulating turbulent flow
  • Long-term cell cultivation with proven cell survival for days to several weeks
  • Software-calculated, defined shear stress
  • Wide range of flow rates (ca. 0.1–40 ml/min) and shear stress (ca. 0.3–150 dyn/cm2)
  • High throughput possible: supports up to four parallel Fluidic Units per ibidi Pump

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ibidi Pump System by ibidi GmbH product image

ibidi Pump System

Manufacturer ibidi GmbH  |  Available Worldwide

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