ibidi Pump System by ibidi GmbH

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A pump system for the cultivation of, e.g. endothelial, cells under flow for simulation of blood vessels. Combine with ibidi Channel slides, such as the µ-Slide I Luer, for cell culture under flow conditions.

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ibidi Pump System

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  • Member since: 2021

  • Organization: Yeditepe University

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Big opportunity to mimick numerous pathophsiological blood flow conditions with cells.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Modeling the pathophsiology of atherosclerosis

"Ibidi air pump system is the main part of my research. I am working with endothelial cells and with the air pump system, I can mimic pathophysiological blood flow conditions such as low oscillating flow. The most important part I can do it very easily and with high effectiveness. Working with u-slides is as easy as working with normal cell culture like flasks and after that, all I have to do is connect slides. The rest of the calculations and pressure, shear stress settings are provided by ibidi air pump software. Ibidi air pump and software system provide numerous options in the manner of mimicking different pathophysiological conditions with just some clicks on the PC which is super practical and a time saver. I would like to thank everyone in R&D and technical support who provides this opportunity."

Review date: 30 Dec 2021 | ibidi Pump System
  • Simulate physiological conditions: Mimic in vivo-like conditions for cells that are physiologically exposed to shear stress (e.g., endothelial and epithelial cells)
  • Perform long-term flow:  Establish cell culture under defined flow conditions for days to several weeks
  • Stay flexible: Compatible with various cell culture slides (not limited to ibidi slides), all incubators, and incubated microscopes


  • Defined shear stress in long-term culture (e.g., endothelial cells, kidney, or biofilm)
  • Live cell imaging and immunofluorescence for analyzing shear stress response
  • Mimicking shear stress conditions in microcapillary, venous, and arterial flow
  • Rolling and adhesion of suspended cells on substrates
  • Stopped-flow experiments
  • 3D cell culture: interstitial flow

Technical Details:

  • Application of unidirectional, pulsatile, and oscillating flow for simulating turbulent flow
  • Long-term cell cultivation with proven cell survival for days to several weeks
  • Software-calculated, defined shear stress
  • Wide range of flow rates (ca. 0.1–40 ml/min) and shear stress (ca. 0.3–150 dyn/cm2)
  • High throughput possible: supports up to four parallel Fluidic Units per ibidi Pump