Hyperion™ Imaging System by Fluidigm Corporation

A transformative imaging solution that enables comprehensive analysis of cellular phenotypes and their interrelationships.

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Hyperion™ Imaging System
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The Hyperion™ Imaging System brings together high-parameter CyTOF® technology with imaging capability enabling the simultaneous detection of 4 to 37 metal-tagged protein markers in the spatial context of the tissue microenvironment. Offering a new solution to current challenges in tissue imaging, the Hyperion Imaging System surpasses the capabilities of standard immunohistochemistry (IHC) and fluorescent imaging. 

This new approach allows an unprecedented view of complex cellular phenotypes and their relationships in context from a single scan. Researchers can deeply profile precious FFPE or frozen tissues at subcellular resolution, and can for instance identify new biomarkers, visualize cellular social networks, or see how the immune system attacks tumors and identify which immune subtypes are participating in activation or suppression of the immune system. 

This complete system is accompanied by a pathologist-verified Maxpar® imaging antibody portfolio, a software suite for image acquisition and data analysis, and experienced service and support. 

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