Histone H3 PTM Multiplex Assay by Active Motif

Manufacturer Active Motif  |   Model: 33115
Multiplex epigenetic assay for high throughput profiling of histone post-translational modifications

Histone H3 PTM Multiplex Assay by Active Motif product image
Histone H3 PTM Multiplex Assay

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Active Motif's Histone H3 PTM Multiplex Assay is a novel high throughput bead-based ELISA assay designed for use with the MAGPIX®, Luminex® 200™ or FLEXMAP 3D® instruments to enable simultaneous interrogation of the levels of multiple histone H3 PTMs within the same sample.

The 3-hour assay is ideally suited for high-throughput screening and profiling of histone modification levels of clinical or compound-treated samples. The multiplexing ability means you can simultaneously screen for on-target and off-target effects within the same sample. This kit offers several advantages over traditional methods (e.g. Western Blotting) including faster turnaround times and the ability to utilize smaller sample amounts.