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HAP1 knockout cell lines by Horizon Discovery

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The single largest bank of isogenic cell lines with over 7,500 cell lines to choose from and trusted by academia, biotech, and pharma research labs.

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HAP1 knockout cell lines
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  • Member since: 2021

  • Organization: UT Health San Antonio

  • Ease of use
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Great knockout cell line.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Knock out cell line for cell biology studies

"Purchased Human SETX Knockout Hap1 Cell Line (HZGHC001565c005 and HZGHC001565c001). These knockout cell lines came with parental Hap1 cell line. Confirmed knock out by western blotting with SETX antibody. Hap1 cell lines are easy to grow and good for microscopy-based studies. Very valuable reagent."

Review date: 04 Feb 2021 | HAP1 knockout cell lines

Cell models to suit any application, from TIDVAL to antibody validation, delivered in as little as 10 days.

The HAP1 cell line has one copy of each gene, ensuring the edited allele will not be masked by additional alleles.

This cell line also allows for multiple knockouts in the same model, enabling studies of additive knockout effects.

HAP1 cell line properties:

  • Sustains growth at single-cell dilutions
  • Ease of transfection
  • Rapid doubling time 
  • HAP1 is a human near-haploid cell line derived from the male chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) cell line KBM-7.