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Fluorescein-12-dCTP is recommended for direct enzymatic labeling of DNA/cDNA e.g. by PCR and Nick Translation. 

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Jena Bioscience

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Great results, but would like more customer support.
Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Analyze RT and PCR

"Product is definitely better than other products available in market, they are more stable than indicated on the product. I have seen lot to lot variability sometimes, but it's hard to show that because of other changes in experiments. Product lead time is always a concern. Never got an opportunity to collaborate for product development, which is why I had to work with another company for a CLIA product I developed."

Review date: 07 Dec 2020 | Fluorescein-12-dCTP

Fluorescein-12-dCTP is recommended for direct enzymatic labeling of DNA/cDNA e.g. by PCR and Nick Translation. It is incorporated as substitute for its natural counterpart dCTP. The resulting Dye-labeled DNA/cDNA probes are ideally suited for fluorescence hybridization applications such as FISH or microarray-based gene expression profiling. Optimal substrate properties and thus labeling efficiency is ensured by an optimized linker attached to the C5 position of cytidine.

Recommended Fluorescein-12-dCTP/dCTP ratio for PCR and Nick Translation: 30-50% Fluorescein-12-dCTP-/ 70-50% dCTP

Please note: Protect the Dye-labeled dCTP from exposure to light and carry out experimental procedures in low light conditions. The optimal final concentration of the Dye-labeled dCTP may very depending on the application and assay conditions. For optimal product yields and high incorporation rates an individual optimization of the Dye-labeled-dCTP/dCTP ratio is recommended.