FG beads - COOH beads by Tamagawa Seiki

Manufacturer Tamagawa Seiki  |   Model: TAS8848N1140  |  Available Worldwide
FG beads® are beads approximately 0.2 μm in diameter that are composed of multiple ferrite particles coated with a special polymer called poly-GMA (glycidyl methacrylate). The FG beads® that are manufactured using this original technology are used as matrices for affinity purification and provide characteristics that are superior to conventional matrices.

FG beads - COOH beads by Tamagawa Seiki product image
FG beads - COOH beads

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For Compounds, antibodies and proteins with NH2 groups

  • Target purification
  • Immunoprecipitation
  • IgG purification
  • Cell separation