FastGene UV Transilluminator by Bulldog Bio Inc.

Manufacturer Bulldog Bio Inc.  |   Model: FG-300
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FastGene UV Transilluminator by Bulldog Bio Inc. product image
FastGene UV Transilluminator

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High quality ultraviolet light tables

For the detection of DNA stained with Ethidium Bromide (EtBr), ultraviolet transilluminators are still the most popular choice. In comparing different models of UV tables, it becomes clear that the sensitivity of a fluorescence signal is strongly dependent on the quality of the UV lamps and filter platen—and it’s easy to see the difference. A high quality UV transilluminator shows almost no visible light, such that when the instrument is switched on the position of the UV lamps is difficult to detect by eye. Visible lamps suggest excess long-wavelength emission, and by consequence much lower sensitivity; extraneous visible light increases overall background, reducing signal-to-noise. The FastGene UV Transilluminator passes this test with flying colors—or perhaps more accurately, with pitch-black perfection. Do your lab right with high-quality instruments. Don’t regret buying a cheap knock-off!