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eve® – The Bioprocess Platform Software 

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eve® is able to do more than just plan, control and analyze your bioprocesses. The software integrates workflows, devices, bioprocess information and big data in a web-based platform, with which you can organize your bioprocesses in a web based system.

eve® is available in three packages:

Basic - Monitor bioprocesses
Take the first steps to digitalization of your bioprocess with a reasonable budget. The comprehensive functions for planning, monitoring and documenting batches are ideally suited for experiments in the shaker or simple applications in the bioreactor.

Standard - Control and automatize bioprocesses
In addition to the comprehensive features with which you can plan, control, monitor and document batches, predefined functions, among others, which you can individually adjust are available to you.

Premium - Full version supporting validation
Suitable for work in the validated environment according to FDA CFR 21 Part 11. In addition to the comprehensive options for planning, controlling, monitoring and documenting bioprocesses, you as a user receive additional safety features as well as validation documents which specify the software functions.

The 6 Must Haves Of Bioprocess Software
Take your bioprocessing to the next level by utilizing modern technologies to create bioprocess software. Discover scalable solutions for data storage that will ensure high future-proofing and pave the way for you to use big data and bioprocess automation.

This overview covers:

  • Choice of database structure, i.e. new approaches to store and combine data
  • The user interface for the “smartphone generation”
  • Accommodation third-party devices, e.g. a range of bioreactors and Interface with other software .e.g. modelling software
  • Having data on one platform, in one place, but accessible to many disparate groups
  • Scalability – from a single user with one device to a company-wide solution

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eve<sup>®</sup> by INFORS HT product image


Manufacturer INFORS HT  |  Available Worldwide

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