Epsilon 4 Food and Environment by Malvern Panalytical

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Trust your product quality Growing populations increase the need for a better handling of our earth’s resources.

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The Epsilon 4
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Trust your product quality

Growing populations increase the need for a better handling of our earth’s resources. The Epsilon 4, an energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer, is a powerful analytical tool to obtain useful elemental information to maximize crop growth and ensure product and environmental safety.

The latest advances in excitation and detection technologies in Epsilon 4 open possibilities for challenging applications that are traditionally performed by ICP and AAS. Switching from ICP to EDXRF significantly reduces the use of consumables, utilities and time.


Low running costs

•    No need for expensive acids
•    No need for liquid nitrogen
•    No sample preparation, just place the sample directly into the spectrometer.
•    Expensive standards (like air filters) are not destroyed after the analysis and can be re-used as quality control or validation samples.
•    Low maintenance through high-quality X-ray tube and silicon drift detector

Accurate results

•    Powerful deconvolution algorithm in Epsilon software ensures accurate results even when element peaks are overlapping in the XRF spectrum.
•    Blank subtraction in Epsilon software provides flexibility and accuracy when analyzing air filters with different backing material.
•    Continuous rotation of the sample during measurement minimizes any errors caused by non-homogeneity and provides more accurate results.

Fast and sensitive

Fast measurements are achieved by using the latest silicon drift detector technology that produces significantly higher intensities.
Unique detector electronics enable a linear count rate capacity to over 1,500,000 cps (at 50% dead time) and a count rate independent resolution typically better than 135 eV for better separation of analytical lines in the spectrum. This allows the Epsilon 4 spectrometer to run at full power and therefore realizes a much higher sample throughput compared to traditional EDXRF benchtop instruments.

Reduced helium consumption

The high performance of Epsilon 4 enables many applications to be operated in air atmosphere, without longer overhead time and costs involved for helium or maintenance of vacuum system. When measuring in air, low-energy X-ray photons characteristic of sodium, magnesium and aluminium, are sensitive to variations in air pressure and temperature. Built-in temperature and air-pressure sensors compensate for these environmental variations, ensuring excellent results whatever the weather.