Electrochemical Detection, Adept HPLC System by Cecil Instruments Limited

Manufacturer Cecil Instruments Limited  |  Available Worldwide
Detection to trace levels of some metabolites, such as histamine, some amino acids, some steroids and catecholamines, is quickly and simply achieved, with Cecil Electrochemical Detection Adept HPLC.

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Electrochemical Detection, Adept HPLC System
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Trace level detection of many analytes, in a wide variety of application settings is required.  The electrochemical detection Adept HPLC System is high specification, extremely low drift, ultra low noise, robust, reliable and modular.


Examples of applications include:-

  • Forensics, where many crime scene residues, gunshot residues, poisons, residual drugs, paint traces, and metabolites may be detected and quantified.
  • Pollution and Environmental studies, enabling many environmental contaminants, residual toiletries, electroplating, mining, fracking effluents, semi-conductor effluents and pesticide residues etc., in soils, waters, vegetation and silt samples, to be detected.
  • Food and Beverage, so that quantification of many environmental contaminants, carbohydrates, allergens, drug and pesticide residues, adulterants etc., is easily achieved.
  • Pharmaceutical, where determinations of a variety of allergens, cleaning validation drug residues and impurities etc., may be performed.
  • Life Sciences, lending the technique well for the detection and quantification of many metabolomic and proteomic applications.


The electrochemical detection Adept HPLC System includes an electrochemical detector, 21 CFR part 11 compliance PowerStream software, an isocratic pump, and a column heater/chiller, with an optional autosampler.

The high stability temperature controlled electrochemical detector, may be used in three modes, DC, scanning DC and pulsed amperometric.  Gold, glassy carbon, silver and platinum working electrodes may be used, together with a choice of reference electrodes.

The detector may also be used with Cecil Q-Adept HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chromatography systems, plus many third party liquid chromatography systems.

With the options of AutoQuest autosamplers, biocompatibility, a wide range of additional detectors, post column reactors, extra pumps and customised configurations, EPA compliance is also available.