Edit-R synthetic sgRNA libraries by Horizon Discovery

Manufacturer Horizon Discovery  |  Available Worldwide
Simplify CRISPR editing in all cell types including primary cells with Edit-R synthetic sgRNA libraries

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Edit-R synthetic sgRNA libraries
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Further your functional genomics studies with CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing using Edit-R™ synthetic sgRNA libraries. Analyze hundreds of genes with multiple target sites per gene. Collections include whole genome, human druggable genome, and common gene family libraries.

Arrayed library format permits single-well analysis with many phenotypic assays; including high-content assays and other morphological or reporter assays.

Highlights of Edit-R™ synthetic sgRNA libraries:

  • Selected by the Edit-R™ algorithm. Highly functional and specific target sequences for robust, reliable gene knockout. Chemically modified for improved nuclease resistance
  • For high-confidence phenotypic results, provided as three unique sgRNA designs per gene, as a pooled reagent
  • Conveniently arrayed in 96-or 384-well plates and offered as gene family collections. Echo-qualified 384-well plates are available upon request
  • Also available as sgRNA cherry-pick libraries; simply upload your own gene list and customize your plate
  • Human Druggable is made up of: Proteases, Protein Kinases, Phosphatases, Transcription Factors, Ubiquitin Enzymes, GPCRs, Ion Channels and Drug Targets.