DP22 Digital Colour Camera by EVIDENT

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Fast live camera with high color fidelity

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DP22 Digital Colour Camera
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The Olympus DP22 digital color camera adapts to your needs: whether evaluating a sample, presenting to an audience or checking your cell culture a dedicated color mode is selectable at anytime.

Then a fast and fluid Full HD Live image will allow for fast sample navigation and precise focusing, making it natural to always work at the monitor instead than at the oculars. The Olympus DP22 can acquire highly detailed images up to 5 megapixels in resolution.

In addition, its extensive dynamic range and sensitivity ensures that the images captured are of outstanding quality, even under challenging illumination conditions. Optionally available also in a completely stand-alone configuration this camera's fluid live image and excellent colour fidelity all guarantee an efficient and stress-free microscopy workflow.


  • 2.8 Megapixel CCD with Fluid Full HD Live Image - Using a two-tap progressive scan readout technology the DP22 presents a fluid 30 fps Full HD live image, providing a comfortable and pleasant experience. A still fast 2.8 Megapixel Live image is available, at more than 25 fps, allowing real-time zooming into the sample fine details.
  • Brilliant color reproduction with adaptable color modes - The application of the Olympus colour profiling technology guarantees the high fidelity of colours, mimicking how they appear when seen through the microscope oculars.
  • Optional stand-alone operation - Available at the touch of a button and ready to use in seconds after power-on. The camera can be controlled easily using a mouse and a keyboard or an even faster operation can be achieved by connecting a touch-enabled monitor.
  • Perfect images - Whether using automatic or manual exposure routines, you will always obtain optimal image quality. The dimensions and magnification of all the images you capture are automatically recorded, making calibrated measurements, enhancement and filtering functions accurate and simple to perform.
  • Easy handling - Requiring just a single USB 3.0 connection for working, the DP22 can be paired with a vast range of desktop or laptop computers, without any additional power supply or cable adapter.