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DNA-free Mastermix 16S Complete by Molzym GmbH & Co. KG

Universal 16S rDNA real-time PCR assay for sensitive detection of bacterial DNA

DNA-free Mastermix 16S Complete by Molzym GmbH & Co. KG product image
DNA-free Mastermix 16S Complete
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DNA-free Mastermix 16S Complete is an eubacterial master mix with strong amplification activity and accuracy including universal 16S primers covering the V3/V4 variable region of the 16S rRNA gene. This allows a highly sensitive detection of femtogram amounts of bacterial DNA. Mastermix 16S Complete includes fluorescent dye for real-time PCR as well as gel loading solution and DNA size marker for standard PCR. 


  • Ultra-sensitive detection of bacterial DNA 
  • Guaranteed microbial DNA-free 
  • Highly active Taq DNA polymerase  
  • High amplification activity for 40 cycles 
  • Validated for standard PCR and Real-time PCR  

Ultra-pure Mastermix 16S Complete combined with Molzym's unique DNA isolation technology, MolYsis™, will lead to a significant increase in the PCR sensitivity.