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Manufacturer Fluidigm Corporation  |  Available Worldwide
The next-generation mass cytometer, CyTOF XT™, redefines high-parameter cytometry with advances in automation, throughput, time to results and total cost of ownership. Built to simplify the design and execution of deep cell profiling studies, CyTOF XT standardizes sample analysis with reproducible workflows and automation to accelerate novel therapeutic development and improve human health.

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Mass cytometry, with detection by TOF, has been a transformative single-cell technology in immunology, immunophenotyping, oncology and infectious disease studies for a decade. It is in use in over 150 clinical trials worldwide and is cited in more than 1,200 peer-reviewed publications.

CyTOF® XT is the next evolution of this powerful tool: the most technologically advanced and yet affordable, easy-to-use mass cytometer to date.  

It delivers all the benefits of CyTOF technology while simplifying operation and automating sample acquisition, eliminating the need for specialized instrument operators. 

With a reduced purchase price and lower cost of ownership and installation compared to previous mass cytometry systems, you can’t afford not to add CyTOF XT™ to your toolbox.

XTra Clarity

The precision of measuring marker expression using CyTOF XT is unmatched by fluorescence cytometry methods. Cleaner signals generate more accurate data.

  • Minimal or no background signal is seen in detection channels
  • No signal compensation or deconvolution is required after data collection
  • Panels of 40 or more markers are common. Over 100 examples are peer-reviewed and published
  • CyTOF XT enables a very broad range of high-parameter cytometry applications

XTra Autonomy

CyTOF XT automation expands what your lab can accomplish by simplifying daily workflows and freeing operator time for other tasks.

Chilled sample carousel

  • Cools to 4–8 °C
  • Holds twelve 5 mL and one 15 mL sample tube

Walk-away sample acquisition

  • Acquire up to 13 different samples and panels in a single batch run
  • Sample pellets are automatically resuspended with addition of normalization beads

Automated clog sensing

  • Software and hardware innovations provide internal fluidics monitoring of clog formation
  • An unclogging routine is automatically activated by the fluidics system

XTra Efficiency

Simplified front-end assembly, a bottle tray for solutions and automated tuning minimize maintenance and calibration.

Easy daily setup

  • High-capacity solution reservoirs need attention only once a week
  • Daily instrument cleaning takes just minutes

Automated system tuning

  • Only a single daily optimization with EQ™ Calibration Beads is required
  • No additional system adjustments or optimization is needed for any panel or sample type

Real-time signal optimization

  • Detector voltage adjusts automatically to maintain optimal signal detection during extended acquisitions

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

Product Overview

CyTOF<sup>®</sup> XT by Fluidigm Corporation product image


Manufacturer Fluidigm Corporation  |  Available Worldwide

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