Custom HuCAL® Monoclonal Antibody Generation Service by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad  |  Available Worldwide
Highly specific, high affinity recombinant monoclonal antibodies, selected in as little as 8 weeks

Custom HuCAL® Monoclonal Antibody Generation Service by Bio-Rad product image
Custom HuCAL monoclonal antibody service

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Whether you are trying to characterize a novel protein or design a new assay for a biomarker or unique biological product, the specialized antibodies you need often just don't exist. Bio-Rad’s antibody generation experts  can make your ideal antibody a reality, enabling you to do the outstanding research that leads to new discoveries, and the excitement and rewards that brings.

Our highly experienced technical specialists work with you to design the blueprint for the specialized antibodies you need. We will deliver highly specific and high quality monoclonal antibodies that work in your hands and offer clear advantages over antibodies generated using traditional methods.

  • Selection from an established synthetic library of 45 billion fully human antibodies
  • High specificity achieved using in vitro guided selection strategies
  • Success rate of 90%, including challenging specificities, such as low immunogenic or toxic antigens
  • Purified antibodies dispatched in as little as 8 weeks
  • Fab and full length immunoglobulin format options for assay design flexibility
  • Antibody sequence available
  • High quality and reproducibility through consistent recombinant production methods
  • No immunization of animals, reducing the use of animals in research
  • Proven experience as a result of generating more than 35,000 antibodies