Cellaca® PLX Image Cytometry System by Nexcelom Bioscience

Manufacturer Nexcelom Bioscience

Multiplexity without complexity.

Cellaca<sup>®</sup> PLX Image Cytometry System by Nexcelom Bioscience product image
Cellaca® PLX Image Cytometry System

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The Cellaca PLX system with Matrix analysis software and dedicated reagents and consumables provides a benchtop solution for accurate measurements of small sample volumes to easily perform rapid subpopulation analysis for downstream processing.

Multiplexing made easy

The Cellaca PLX image cytometry system is easy to use, performing simple yet sensitive cell counts, viability readouts, and multiplex analysis in seconds.

Small sample volume

The sample-efficient Cellaca PLX requires between 15 – 50 uL per single sample analysis. That’s 10-30 times less sample volume required per test, compared to a flow cytometer.

Speed with sensitivity

The time to downstream processing is shortened by multiplexing with four channels with viability readouts at one minute per sample.

Optimized assays and kits

Our simple-to-use, mix, incubate, wash, and read reagent kits provide immunophenotyping plus viability multiplexing assays using disposable, low fluorescence consumables.

Stress-free software

Optimized protocols streamline surface marker staining, vitality, and apoptosis analysis with step-by-step methodologies and customizable result presentations.

Low auto-fluorescent consumables

Allow for accurate surface marker detection.