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24 Samples in Less than 3 Minutes

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Cellaca MX

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24 Samples in Less than 3 Minutes. 

Get your time back.
Skip the sign-up sheet and the long waits. Count 24 samples with trypan blue staining in 48 seconds. When imaging and analyzing with fluorescent viability dyes 24 samples are completed in 2.5 minutes. Get all those all-day, multi-scientist experiments done in 1.5 hours with one pair of hands.

Analyze low-volume primary cell samples.
Cellaca MX only needs 25 μL of cells, so you can analyze tumor biopsy tissue, mouse splenocytes, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and more.

Count only the cells you’re looking for.
Use brightfield to check viability. Use fluorescence when you need specific details on cell health – tissue debris and red blood cells won’t artificially change your count.

Count once and done.
Cellaca MX results are highly reproducible and linear across a 2-log cell concentration range. You’ll also get consistent counts across systems, labs and users. That means you can run a sample once and know you’ve got the right result the first time.

As quick as 48 seconds for 24 samples
CHO cells stained with trypan blue

  • Viability: trypan blue or fluorescent dyes
  • 24 Samples per plate
  • 50 µl – 200 µl/sample
  • Count cell lines & primary cells

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