CASY TT by OLS OMNI Life Science

Manufacturer OLS OMNI Life Science  |   Model: 2501126  |  Available Worldwide
The "gold-standard" in cell counting, cell viability and aggregation determination.

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Measures particles and cells in a size range from 0.7 - 120

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Cell cultures are the precious basis of your daily work? Cell quality is crucial for setting up assays and experiments. Rely only on the best system available: CASY provides you with exact absolute count, viability and aggregation factor of your cells. CASY, a robust and reliable system delivers results right when you need the data.

High precision parameters:

  • Detection range from 0,7 - 120 µm (bacteria, spores, cell lines, algae, blood cells...)
  • certified life-time calibration
  • automatic electronic surveillance
  • integrated QA system
  • GLP/GMP compliant: IQ, OQ, PQ
  • no system fan, ideal for clean room installation

Accurate measurements:

  • Cell number (total/live)
  • Cell viability (non-invasive, no dyes)
  • Cell size distribution (large dynamic range with high resolution)
  • Cell volume
  • Cell aggregation
  • Cell debris (QC of cell culture solution)
  • Dye-free, non-invasive
  • no single-use consumables

Product Overview

CASY TT by OLS OMNI Life Science product image


Manufacturer OLS OMNI Life Science  |  Available Worldwide

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