BioMicroLab VC range by SPT Labtech

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Standalone Volume Detection for Quality Control 

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BioMicroLab VC384
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The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck instruments use patented non-contact ultrasonic technology to accurately detect the volume of each well or tube, and output the volumes of a 384 well plate to an intuitive, user-friendly display in as little as 30 seconds.

The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck is used alongside liquid handlers to ensure the accuracy of assay plate preparation, in sample library inventory management workflows, and in any workflow that requires volume verification before or after other processing tasks. With excellent repeatability, compatibility with a wide range of labware, and user-focused software, the BioMicroLab VolumeCheck provides laboratories with a straightforward solution for automated volume verification. 


The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck 100 helps laboratories shift away from visual or manual inspection of well plates and tube racks by offering an automated alternative. With an affordable price point, the BioMicroLab VolumeCheck 100 is ideal for laboratories needing to integrate detection of low or high volumes in uncapped 96, 48 and 24-format well plates and tube racks into their workflow. BioMicroLab VolumeCheck 100 is now BioMicroLab VC100. 


With the fastest scan speed, highest accuracy, and compatibility with the widest range of labware, The BioMicroLab VolumeCheck 384 is the preferred solution for most laboratories. It is compatible with 384 well plates and uncapped tubes in 96, 48, 24-format racks (no adapters or consumables are needed), and returns the volumes of a 384 well plate in as little as 30 seconds in fast scan mode. BioMicroLab VolumeCheck 384 is now BioMicroLab VC384. 


  • VC384 scans a 384 well plate in 30 seconds in Fast Scan Mode and 2-3 minutes in Standard Mode (depends on system settings) 

  • VC384 scans a 96 well plate in one minute 

  • Collects and outputs sample volume data for each well position 

  • Works with common lab solutions such as water, alcohol, buffer, DMSO and more 

  • Ideal for integration with liquid handlers