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acumen® Cellista Laser Scanning Imaging Cytometer

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Practical imaging for cell-based assay screening

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Average Rating 4.3

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Great support and awesome instrument


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Analysis of cytotoxicity

The Acumen is highly effective at getting us the results that we want and is fairly easy to use once a protocol is set up on the instrument. The only issues that I have with it are that some of the functions of the software are harder to find than I believe necessary (e.g. how to tell how many cells are in each well while that program is running) and that the machine is very finicky in the fact that if anything in the machine is bumped or a little loose it can make the whole program go down. Other than that, the support is great (my emails are always answered within 24 hours) and for the most part the machine runs pretty smoothly.

Review Date: 14 Apr 2016 | SPT Labtech

Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Academic compound and RNAi HTS

The Acumen Cellista is a flexible platform that enables a wide range of fluorescence assays, from common cell/bead counting and total fluorescence measurements to specialized whole organism imaging and 3D cell culture applications. Cellista offers the highly qualitative data of a ~4X imager with the speed of a typical multimode plate reader. Laser excitation and a large depth of field reliably capture even low expression fluorophores without the need to focus on each well. Cellista is less suited for subcellular resolution imaging nor trying to segment confluent cells, though. The images can also be taken as TIFFs and analyzed in other software suites. </BR></BR> Ease of use: My facility functions as a staff assisted HTS/equipment core, and I find that I am able to train most users to operate the instrument independently within 1-3 hours. The Cellista software package is very powerful yet approachable to end users. </BR></BR> After Sales Care: TTPLabtech has excellent after-sales care. The customer-vendor relationship continues well beyond the purchase, and the support is fast and efficient. Difficult questions are automatically advanced to the appropriate engineer and answers are quick to follow. TTPLabtech being a UK-based company, I was initially concerned that support is 6 hours ahead, but the US team is excellent and I am now convinced that some of the UK folks are either nocturnal or simply don’t sleep. </BR></BR> Value for Money: This is a tricky question. The Acumen is immensely valuable in an HTS environment and traffic and demand on the instrument are high and only continue to grow in my facility. It does come with a nontrivial price tag, and there are cheaper (slower) high content scopes on the market. Still, I would definitely recommend the Acumen Cellista for applications benefiting from speed, sensitivity and ease of use.

Review Date: 21 Oct 2014 | SPT Labtech

Average Rating 4.0

This is a good product for rare events. I like the multiple lasers however would have prefered to do less training.

Review Date: 21 Sept 2011 | SPT Labtech

Average Rating 3.7

It's good for research.

Review Date: 22 Jun 2011 | SPT Labtech

Average Rating 4.0

We use Acumen for HTS screening. The read times are somewhat slow, but the quality of data is good. The sales support is good, but sometimes can be slow.

Review Date: 21 Jun 2011 | SPT Labtech

Average Rating 4.0

Excellent plate reader (pmt base). Flow cytometer for 1536 well plate formats. Reasonable image quality but good for fluorescence cell based assay. Drawback: need additional lasers for mulitplexing.

Review Date: 20 Jun 2011 | SPT Labtech

Average Rating 4.7

A very good instrument for high content imaging.

Review Date: 9 Jul 2007 | SPT Labtech

Average Rating 5.0

The best machine on the market for HCS analysis.

Review Date: 15 Nov 2006 | SPT Labtech

acumen® Cellista – the fastest high content screening system.

acumen Cellista is a microplate-based laser scanning imaging cytometer designed to provide rapid, whole well, content-rich cytometric and image based analysis. It has your high content screening data imaged and ready in as little as 5 minutes, making it the fastest HCS system available today.

acumen is the go-to system for phenotypic screening, where it complements existing imaging expertise and maximises workflow throughputs. It images the whole well and provides both cytometric data and open source TIFFs allowing rapid, content rich data to identify compounds of interest. Where number of compounds screened is critical, wells of interest can be selected for more in depth analysis using the TIFF images.

Benefits of acumen Cellista include:

  • Fast
    • profile compound libraries in hours which is not effected by well density or microplate type (96- to 3456-well plates)
    • unique and patented method of simultaneous data capture and analysis allowing results to be obtained immediately
    • simultaneous scanning and generation of TIFF files
  • Effortless
    • excels at hard to automate assays like rare event detection or cell cycle analysis
    • software is template-based for ease of use
    • exported TIFFs are OME-compliant for immediate use with third party software
    • can be integrated with other imagers to fit into screening workflows
  • High content – triple laser excitation (405, 488, 561 or 640 nm) to perform multiplexed assays
  • Whole well scanning – acumen Cellista has an F-theta widefield objective lens which can scan entire wells and report data for all cells in a single shot
    • scans large objects (such as cell colonies) without the need for image stitching or Z-stacks
    • provides rapid and robust high content data without the need to stitch images together
    • generates statistically robust data from heterogenous cell populations
    • normalises biological responses to a total cell number
    • detects rare events
  • High sensitivity – laser excitation in conjunction with photomultiplier tubes (PMT) gives a broad range of dynamic range of fluorescence
  • Maintain high throughputs – by using simultaneous data capture and analysis acumen Cellista can easily achieve throughputs of over 300,000 wells a day
  • Reduced data storage – data generated from image files requires large data storage capacity. acumen has the option to generate just cytometric data, or both cytometric and image data
  • Reduce costs – through assay miniaturisation
  • Integration – combine and maximise the power of the imaging and analysis assets already available to you in your lab

acumen can be used as part of several types of workflow:

Primary screening of compounds or RNAi libraries to produce cytometric data for further analysis

TIFF image files generated for further investigation using a third party image analysis package. Used for complex studies such as angiogenesis

‘Wells-to-cells’ – primary screen provides a list of hit wells to be rescanned on a high resolution imager

acumen Cellista has been proven to be a highly successful screening platform in the field of oncology based on assays that can be performed in the following areas:

  • Cell signalling – protein kinase profiling, protein translocation, reporter gene activation, GPCR screening
  • Cell health – cell viability, apoptosis, cytotoxicity, proliferation
  • Cell biology – cell cycle analysis, mitotic index, colony formation, cell migration, cell invasion, chemotaxis, angiogenesis
  • RNAi library profiling – phenotypic screens can be applied to genome-wide RNAi screens; screen a genome in as little as a day
  • 3D cultures – large depth of focus allows easy imaging of cell colonies, spheroids, single cell cultures grown in 3D collagen/scaffolds
  • Systems biology – acumen can easily analyse whole small organisms such as C. elegans, or zebrafish

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