Manufacturer CELLINK  |  Available Worldwide
The 6 printhead 3D bioprinter that epitomizes user-friendly flexibility and optimizing high-throughput 3D cell culturing to create the future of medicine.

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  • Use several crosslinking modalities and multimaterial constructs in one protocol.
  • Bioprint with more materials for even more complex models.
  • Independent dual pressure that enables co-axial and mixing printing.
  • Six printheads gives a significantly increased throughput, cutting down overall print time and improving experiment efficiency. Leverage the use of mechanical, droplet or pneumatic extrusion all in one construct.
  • Utilize a range of materials and cell types thanks to precise printhead and printbed temperature control.
  • Open material platform – print with any materials, yours or ours on the BIO X6.
  • Built-in UV sterilization and HEPA filters bring the sterility of the biosafety cabinet to the benchtop.
  • Control every aspect of your print from the intuitive and easy-to-use DNA Studio software on your tablet or laptop. Whether it is multilayer printing, layer-by-layer crosslinking, custom material definition or even protocol saving, the BIO X6 software has it all.
  • With a total of 8 printheads and toolheads available leverage multiple biofabrication modalities on one system.

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BIO X6 by CELLINK product image


Manufacturer CELLINK  |  Available Worldwide

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