ArtelWare™ by Artel

Manufacturer Artel  |  Available Worldwide
New ArtelWare software brings scientists and liquid handling instrument performance together in one platform.

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Software helping labs increase productivity, compliance, and quality. Used in combination with the MVS® and PCS®, ArtelWare streamlines your lab processes by managing your automated liquid handlers, pipettes, and people all in one software.

The ArtelWare dashboard gives a complete overview of the status for liquid handling instruments and operators. Intuitive dashboards ensure labs can easily manage and review automated liquid handler and pipette inventory, as well as operator assessment status.

Manage your inventory of devices and their verification status with easy to review reports. Reports include details for dispense protocol, device, head, plate type, liquid type, liquid class, materials, specifications, accuracy, precision, and channel statistics to ensure traceability.

Interactive plate designer allows users to target volumes and solution types across multiple plates, and easily exclude channels or wells. Define and create plate layouts by plate type, volumes and number of replicates required for each instrument and head.

Receive email notifications of upcoming verifications and data for review and approval. Notifications indicate automated liquid handlers, pipettes, and operator status-overdue verifications and performance assessments, approvals, and results.