Apex Nevis Desktop by Apex Gasgen Ltd.

Manufacturer Apex Gasgen Ltd.  |  Available Worldwide
Mini nitrogen generator for laboratory applications

Apex Nevis Desktop by Apex Gasgen Ltd. product image
Apex Nevis Desktop

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Nevis Desktop is the smallest footprint of any nitrogen generator on the market, able to deliver the benefits of an on-site gas generator in a compact package. APEX nitrogen generator range uses a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology for superior performance and reliability. Many gas generators use membrane filters which demand a constant replacement and decrease life expectancy. Our nitrogen generators use Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) technology consistently outlasting membrane filters and minimising maintenance.

By converting air into high-purity nitrogen, the Nevis desktop generator provides a constant supply of nitrogen suitable for laboratory use. The generator is only 48 centimetres high and 18 centimetres wide. Boost productivity in your laboratory by installing the generator on a workbench or desktop in the best position for your employees.

​An on-site nitrogen generator provides several benefits over bottled gas:

  • Save money: You never have to pay for bottled nitrogen again.
  • Save space: A nitrogen generator requires less space than storing gas cylinders.
  • Improve workplace safety: Employees don’t have to move heavy gas cylinders, nor do you have to store high-pressure tanks.
  • Reduce delays: You don’t have to wait for deliveries of bottled gas.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flow rate: 0.2 litres per minute at highest purity. Up to 1 litre per minute at lower purity levels.
  • Purity: Up to 99.9995% pure nitrogen depending on the flow rate.
  • Technology: Pressure swing absorption (PSA) technology
  • Very compact and lightweight construction
  • Low Power requirement
  • Air compressor: Available with integrated air compressor


  • Gas Chromatography
  • Fast Gas Chromatography
  • Flame Ionisation Detection (FID)
  • Ionisation (API-ms)
  • Photonics
  • Any other application requiring low flow rates of high purity nitrogen

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Apex Nevis Desktop by Apex Gasgen Ltd. product image

Apex Nevis Desktop

Manufacturer Apex Gasgen Ltd.  |  Available Worldwide

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