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ADAM-rWBC HT by NanoEntek

Manufacturer NanoEntek  |   Model: ADAM-rWBC  |  Available Worldwide
ADAM-rWBC HT gives you walkaway convenience and significant improvement in blood bank's productivity. It takes 50 minutes to count 50 samples.

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ADAM-rWBC HT automatically counts the number of residual white blood cells (rWBCs) in leukoreduced blood products for transfusion.

It ensures the number of residual leukocyte meets the standards used to minimize complications associated with the transfusions performed in blood banks and hospitals.

Automated cell counting eliminates user bias or subjective interpretation
that can be found when counting residual White Blood Cells using other methods.

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ADAM-rWBC HT by NanoEntek product image


Manufacturer NanoEntek  |  Available Worldwide

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