ACQUITY Arc MDLC System by Waters

Manufacturer Waters  |  Available Worldwide
ACQUITY™ Arc™ MDLC Systems offer highly repeatable and accurate multi-dimensional HPLC separation performance for your complex samples.

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The Waters Arc MDLC System allows chemists to increase sensitivity and selectivity, eliminate unwanted interferences, characterize the most complex samples, and perform separations that are normally incompatible with a mass spectrometer by adding a second reversed-phase separation to the experiment.

The system is comprised of two Quaternary Solvent Managers (QSM), a Sample Manager with Flow-Through Needle (SM-FTN), a Column Manager, and single or dual-detectors. Additionally, divert valves are used when choosing the 30-cm Column Heater (CH) product.


  • Ready-to-use configurations enable faster set-up with less troubleshooting and more confidence
  • Heart cutting MDLC for increased resolution by incorporating orthogonal selective columns
  • Two columns with different column chemistries (up to 150 mm length) can be housed with independent temperature control for each column and operation and active solvent pre-heaters, providing versatility for orthogonal separation