AccuSizer Autodilution System by Entegris

Manufacturer Entegris  |  Available Worldwide
The AccuSizer is a sophisticated high-resolution particle counter and particle size analyzer that uses the technique of single particle optical sizing (SPOS). The major benefits of this technique include: High Accuracy: Each particle is measured directly Concentration: accurate particles/mL results Resolution: no distribution broadening, split multiple peaks to baseline, detect small concentration of tails

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AccuSizer Autodilution System
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AccuSizer AD System - Patented Autodilution

  • The most popular for general particle size analysis applications 
  • Performs exponential autodilution while providing accurate concentration information

The autodilution system includes an input, output, dilution chamber, sample material, and diluent. A known quantity of sample material is injected into the dilution chamber. Filtered diluent flows into the dilution chamber, mixes with the sample material, and continuously dilutes the initial concentration. The diluted sample then flows out of the dilution chamber and through the sensor for particle size and count analysis.