ACCUMAX Deepwell Plates by Accumax

Manufacturer Accumax
Accumax Deepwell plates with alphanumerical indexing, fortified walls, multiple volumes and universal compatibility design are the best affordable option for multi varied applications across different fields.

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Deepwell plates
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  1. Free of DNase, RNase and Endotoxin
  2. Manufactured in a fully automated Class 100K Clean Room.
  3. Fully autoclavable
  4. Ensures chemical resistance and sample integrity with long term storage needs
  5. Can withstand temperature from -80°C to 121°C.
  6. Made considering all important ANSI standards.
  7. Comes with an easy and reliable stacking
  8. Alphanumerical indexing for quick and easy sample identification.
  9. Raised rim design to avid contamination.
  10. Cross compatible silicon mat available in square and round design.
  11. Available in V-Bottom and U-Bottom.
  12. Available in 1ml, 2ml and
  13. 2ml volume compatible to Zybio and Kingfisher extraction systems.

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ACCUMAX Deepwell Plates by Accumax product image