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A 83-01 by STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

Manufacturer STEMCELL Technologies Inc.  |   Model: 72022
Activin/NODAL/TGF-ß pathway inhibitor; Inhibits ALK5, ALK4, and ALK7
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A 83-01

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A 83-01 is a potent inhibitor of activin receptor-like kinase (ALK) including ALK5 (type I transforming growth factor-β receptor), ALK4 (type IB activin receptor), and ALK7 (type I NODAL receptor) with IC50 = 12, 45, and 7.5 nM, respectively (Tojo et al.).


  • Facilitates the conversion of epiblast stem cells to the naїve pluripotent state (Zhou et al.; Li et al.).


  • In combination with PD0325901, enables OCT4-mediated reprogramming (Zhu et al.).


  • Inhibits mesoderm and endoderm specification (Zhang et al.).
  • Disrupts epithelial to mesenchymal transition through inhibition of the SMAD signaling pathway (Tojo et al.).