ZEISS GeminiSEM Family​ by ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

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For Your Highest Demands in Sub-nanometer Imaging, Analytics and Sample Flexibility

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ZEISS GeminiSEM Family​
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  • Ease of use
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Highly reliable, world class reproducible results at an affordable price.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Materials science and nanotechnology

"We have been using Zeiss SEM system (3 numbers) for several years. It is an indispensable tool for research in materials science and nanotechnology. It has been serving us for decades with world class data and results are very impressive. The performance is very good and results are reproducible. Its highly recommended and good value for money. It is very affordable. highly recommended. for research. We have been producing high quality data using this machine and their after sales service is very good. There are a large number of researchers using this machine for decades."

Review date: 18 Jun 2021 | ZEISS GeminiSEM Family​

ZEISS GeminiSEM stands for effortless imaging with sub-nanometer resolution. Use it for your most demanding projects in materials and life science. Innovations in electron optics and a new chamber design let you benefit from better image quality, usability and flexibility. Combine excellence in imaging and analytics. Take sub-nanometer images below 1 kV without an immersion lens. Discover three unique designs of the Gemini electron optics. Explore, how ZEISS GeminiSEM family answers all your imaging and analytical needs. ​

  • Characterize nanometer-scaled features at the fractured surface of the non-conducting mineral montmorillonite
  • Ideal for core facilities - ZEISS GeminiSEM 360 with its Gemini 1 electron optical column delivers high resolution imaging and analytics over the widest range of applications and sample types​
  • Enabling efficient analysis - ZEISS GeminiSEM 460 and its Gemini 2 column serve the most challenging tasks in analytical microscopy. Switch seamlessly between imaging and analytical conditions over a wide range of probe currents. 
  • The new standard for surface imaging – introducing ZEISS GeminiSEM 560, Gemini 3, and its new electron optical engine Smart Autopilot. It delivers the highest resolution in the family at all working conditions.