µ-Slide Chemotaxis by ibidi GmbH

Manufacturer ibidi GmbH  |   Model: 80326  |  Available Worldwide
Investigate chemotaxis of fast or slow migrating adherent cells and non-adherent cells in 2D or 3D gel matrices.

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µ-Slide Chemotaxis

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  • Real-time chemotaxis measurement in a 2D or 3D environment
  • Stable chemotactic gradients for long-term experiments
  • Reproducible results with reliable and user-independent data
  • AI-based automated image analysis with the Chemotaxis FastTrack AI Image Analysis solution


  • 2D and 3D chemotaxis assays with fast or slow migrating cells
  • Live cell imaging using inverted microscopy
  • Chemotaxis of neutrophiles, lymphocytes, and monocytes
  • 3D chemotaxis of leukocytes or cancer cells in an ECM-like matrix
  • Invasion assays of tumor cells in Matrigel™
  • Chemotaxis measurements of adherent and non-adherent cells

Technical Features:

  • Chamber geometry optimized for cells in 2D and 3D matrices
  • Defined linear gradient with long-term stability
  • Homogeneous cell distribution at the experimental starting point
  • 3 chambers on one slide for parallel assays
  • Ideal for collagen gels, hydrogels, Matrigel™, or similar aqueous gels
  • Ready to use, i.e., no assembly required
  • Lettered and numbered chambers and reservoirs
  • Also available as a bottomless version with a sticky underside: sticky-Slide Chemotaxis