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ZEISS Axio Imager Vario

Examine Large Specimens - Automated and Compatible with Clean Rooms.

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Average Rating 4.7

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Average Rating 4.7

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BioProcess Sciences

Zeiss produces a wondering imaging microscope with many wonderful features. The best part of purchasing Zeiss is their customer care. We have had representatives out twice for training. Have a question? No problem, they will get you the correct answer ASAP.

Review Date: 15 Dec 2014 | ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

Axio Imager Vario brings out your research, development, and quality assurance specimens so that they are larger than life, regardless of whether you are working with tiny MEMS sensors or XXL wafers.

On top of this, a maximum specimen size of 300 mm × 300 mm and an impressive maximum specimen height of 254 mm make sure that you will be able to analyze large specimens nondestructively. And all this supported by the stability provided by a column design.

Examine your wafers in your clean room – Axio Imager Vario is DIN EN ISO 14644-1-certified and meets the requirements corresponding to clean room class ISO 5. Finally, a motorized Z-axis drive and the Hardware Auto Focus system ensure that you will always be able to automatically bring low-contrast, reflective specimens into perfect focus so that you will always get optimum results.

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