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X-Light V3

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"SEE BRIGHTER, SEE FASTER, SEE MORE". X-Light V3 is the next generation of spinning disks, and it relies on cutting-edge technology, advanced optical design, and engineering solutions developed by CrestOptics to meet the very high-end specifications required by modern fluorescence microscopy applications.

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Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Tissue sampling and subcellular structure analysis

Thanks to the x-light V3 microscope we were able to make excellent qualitative and quantitative measurements in cells and tissues. This confocal microscope’s ability to perform optical sectioning through a specimen allows us to quantify fluorescence with very high spatial precision.

Review Date: 15 Jun 2023 | CrestOptics S.p.A

For high-end microscopy applications, X-Light V3 spinning disk confocal relies on cutting-edge technology, optical design and engineering solutions developed by CrestOptics. From fast cell dynamics on live samples to optical sectioning of tissues, all features are designed to obtain the most data from each individual sample. Micro-lenses technology makes X-Light V3 the fastest system when it comes to qualitative and quantitative imaging on large samples due to its homogeneous illumination.


1. High-speed disk rotation

With the highest spinning disk rotation on the market (15K rpm), the X-Light V3 offers an achievable speed of over 1000fps on the full field of view (25 mm FOV), over 10-times faster acquisition compare to the fastest point scanning confocal.

2. Large field of view (FOV) and homogeneous illumination

Using micro-lenses, an illumination field with a large FOV (up to 25 mm) can be made highly homogeneous. Plug-and-play technology makes it simple to select and change the illumination size to match the most common camera formats. Homogeneous illumination allows for quantitative imaging on large FOVs and high-speed imaging on large 3D samples. Combined with the 25 mm FOV, micro-lenses are essential for the seamless stitching of large samples.

The wider FOV allows imaging of a sample area almost double the size of conventional imaging systems. A wider area translates into more information collected from each image and a reduction in the number of tiles needed to cover a large sample, significantly accelerating the research process.

3. Dual camera configuration

The X-Light V3 is the only confocal unit which allows dual camera imaging at 25 mm FOV. Dual camera port comes as standard feature on the system, making it very flexible. Different camera formats can be chosen for the two ports, matching the most demanding applications. External regulations allow to easily align the second camera with the master camera.

4. Tailor-made spinning disk solutions

With Crest Optics' spinning disk design and optimized optical layout, sensitivity and image clarity are enhanced. The spinning disk-box is one of the most versatile components of the X-Light V3 and CrestOptics offers the freedom to choose the disk geometry that best suits your application. Moreover, the spinning disk is housed in a sealed disk box that comes with a lifetime dust warranty.

5. Configurations

By choosing X-Light V3 technology, you will be able to create a modular, expandable, and highly performant system. The system Is designed to be compatible with the DeepSIM X-Light, for a seamless evolution from widefield, to confocal to super-resolution (see the DeepSIM product page for more).


The X-Light V3 is designed to be a truly enabling technology where performance is combined with the flexibility of a modular and expandable system.

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