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Systec Mediaprep

Systec Mediaprep Media preparators

Systec GmbH & Co. KG

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I'm very pleased with how well the Systec media preparation and filling system works.


Average Rating 5.0

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The product is very much effective and produces high quality results. It is easy to handle and use. I am quite delighted to let you all know about this product. 5 star in all criteria: Ease of use, after sales service, value for money

Review Date: 29 Jul 2022 | Systec GmbH & Co. KG

Great product, great customer service


Average Rating 5.0

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I am very happy with Systec media preparation and filling system, it works great.

Review Date: 13 Feb 2017 | Systec GmbH & Co. KG

Automatic media preparators (nutrient media preparators and nutrient media sterilizers ) optimized for the preparation and sterilization of liquids, such as agar culture media, peptone water and buffer solutions or other sterile liquid media.

Available in seven different sizes for 10 to 120 liters of media. Featuring an improved heating performance, rapid recooling, a magnetic stirrer, an inner container, temperature-interlocked dispensing nozzles and bushings for filling and supplying additives. The optimized automation regulates process times and ensures that the sterile media are of high quality.

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