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StemSpan™ H3000

Xeno-free and serum-free medium for culture and expansion of human hematopoietic cells

STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

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StemSpan™ H3000 has been developed for the in vitro culture and expansion of human hematopoietic cells, when the appropriate growth factors and supplements are added. This allows users the flexibility to prepare medium that meets their requirements. StemSpan™ H3000 contains pre-tested human-derived and recombinant human proteins.

Using appropriate StemSpan™ Expansion Supplements, StemSpan™ H3000 may be used to expand CD34+ cells isolated from human cord blood, mobilized peripheral blood, or bone marrow samples, or to expand and differentiate lineage-committed progenitor cells to generate populations of erythroid, myeloid, or megakaryocyte progenitor cells.

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