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PromoChrom TechnologiesSPE-03Available: Worldwide

The SPE-03 8-Channel automated SPE system is an efficient, flexible and versatile workstation capable of processing up to 8 samples simultaneously

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Average Rating 4.9

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Increased productivity with consistent results!


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Emerging Contaminants in Drinking Water

Our laboratory purchased two Promochrom SPE-03 automated extractors to test for PFAS and 1,4 Dioxane. We previously have been performing the solid phase extractions manually. The SPE-03 has a compact footprint and is able to extract eight samples simultaneously. The SPE-03 is easy to set up and can be utilized for multiple applications. Methods are easy to set up with its touchscreen interface. The design of the automated extractor lends itself to easy maintenance when compared to some of their competitor's systems. We were able to achieve the proper method detection levels and have contaminant-free blanks. We have since purchased an additional two units and plan on ordering three more.

Review Date: 9 Feb 2022 | PromoChrom Technologies

Great instrument and customer service, saving time and effort.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

PFAS analysis in environmental samples

We added a PromoChrom SPE-03 to our high-tech arsenal earlier this year to support our PFAS Analytical R&D. The SPE-03 performs automatic solid-phase extraction (SPE) which allows for consistency and reliability in sample extraction from batch to batch. In addition to saving hours of time for each batch, the instrument makes our analytical procedure for PFAS analysis easier and faster. The setup of SPE-03 is simple and intuitive. PromoChrom provides a video and a thorough manual for instrument installation and operation. PromoChrom is also very responsive when we have questions and need some help.

Review Date: 4 Aug 2021 | PromoChrom Technologies

Excellent product and customer service! 100% would recommend.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Extraction and analysis of water samples

The SPE-03 extraction systems has been a great tool. The user interface is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. Method setup is very straightforward. Even with difficult sample matrices, the SPE-03 has provided extractions with much improved reproducibility over extractions using a vacuum manifold. PromoChrom has provided excellent after-sales care. Onsite setup and training was provided at no extra cost, although due to the simplicity of the system, setup and training could easily be provided remotely. They have always responded quickly to any questions or concerns, and have quickly shipped spare parts when needed. The SPE-03 system has become an invaluable asset, allowing a four fold increase in sample throughput, while also providing the previously mentioned reproducibility. I would highly recommend this extraction system to anyone.

Review Date: 20 Jul 2020 | PromoChrom Technologies

The SPE-03 provides impressive precision and automation for SPE applications.


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Extraction of water samples for per/polyfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS)

The benefits of the SPE-03 for extraction of PFAS is the ability to extract 8 samples simultaneously, which is important for commercial laboratories where rapid sample throughput is an imperative. Similar systems on the market process samples in parallel, limiting productivity. The other benefit of the SPE-03 is the ability to rinse sample containers and use the rinsate to elute the SPE cartridges. This is a requirement of US EPA methods for PFAS (i.e. method 537) and other regulated procedures (e.g. US Department of Defence Quality Services Manual, Table B15). This ensures maximum recovery of PFAS adsorbed to the walls of sample containers. The two valve setup, with independent syringes per channel, prevents cross contamination between samples in the same process run. Method setup and operation is also straightforward using the touchscreen controller. Finally, controlled liquid dispensing handled by the syringed pumps ensures a high degree of precision relative to SPE performed manually by a laboratory technician.

Review Date: 5 Jul 2020 | PromoChrom Technologies

A fantastic instrument for target compounds like PFAS.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

PFAS analysis in drinking water

Tiny footprint, easy to use with 8-channels for sample loading. Easy to modify the configuration to achieve desired extraction conditions.

Review Date: 19 Jun 2020 | PromoChrom Technologies

The SPE-03 8-Channel automated SPE system is an efficient, flexible and versatile automated SPE system capable of processing up to 8 samples simultaneously. Using PromoChrom's patented flow-path-integration technique, all 8 channels are controlled by just one multi-channel valve, making the design highly compact and simple.

The minimal-Teflon and automated sample bottle rinsing options make the system a popular choice for PFAS extraction and has been used for EPA Method 537.1/533, modifed methods and DoD QSM 5.3. Other applications include mycotoxins, pesticides, PAH, EPH, PCBs and protein purification.

Positive pressure is used to deliver fluids at fixed flow rates and prevent build up in SPE cartridges. All samples start and finish at the same time.

Key Features

  • Processes up to 8 samples simultaneously in a single compact system
  • Fully automated including sample bottle rinsing
  • Minimal-Teflon option available for PFAS applications
  • Positive-pressure fluid delivery to ensure consistent flow rate and prevent cartridge clogging.
  • Intuitive built-in touch screen interface can store up to 100 methods, no need for external computer.
  • Separate waste outlets for organic and aqueous waste


  • PFAS
  • Mycotoxins
  • EPH
  • PAH
  • Pesticides
  • PCBs
  • Drugs
  • Metabolites
  • Protein
  • Purification

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