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Single Cell RNA Sequencing Kit

Enables single-cell RNA sequencing across dozens of samples with recovery of up to 500,000 cells or nuclei.

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The ScaleBio Single Cell RNA Sequencing Kit enables the production of high-quality single-cell transcriptomic libraries. Our upfront cell fixation step allows you to take a flexible approach to sample collection, whether from multiple sites or multiple timepoints. This instrument-free, two-day workflow allows you to profile up to 125,000 cells or nuclei while multiplexing up to 96 samples in a single experiment, and increase throughput up to 500,000 cells or nuclei with our Extended Throughput Kits.

Sample Compatibility

Fixation-compatible workflow, for both cells and nuclei, with storage up to 6 months.

Cell Throughput

Process 125,000 cells or nuclei per run, or up to 500,000 cells or nuclei per run with Extended Throughput Kits.

Sample Multiplexing

Up to 96 samples per run

Unique Combinations

Generate >3.5 million barcode combinations with three levels of indexing, while maintaining a <5% doublet rate

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