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Scale-up Test Kit

The SCALE-UP Test Kit is a tool to find the ideal depth filter at an early stage of the process development. The test kit contains 10 different PURASPIN ® for 20 mL trials, a 2" capsule with a selection of filter sheets for verification and the necessary information for a proper scale-up calculation.

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The Scale-Up Test Kit includes PURASPIN® in 5 different filter sheet grades (2 pcs. each), 4 different grades of filter aid (Celpure®, 30 g each), reusable 2" filter capsules for sheet filtration and alluvial filtration incl. filter holder and 7 different grades of PURAFIX® filter sheets (5 pcs. each). In addition, a detailed description of the procedure from filtration optimization, through laboratory filtration and up-scale calculation is included.

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