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Refeyn TwoMP

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Refeyn's TwoMP mass photometer measures the mass of single biomolecules in solution and without labels - for studies of protein interactions, oligomerisation and macromolecular assembly, and assessment of sample purity.


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The Refeyn TwoMP mass photometer is the ideal instrument to characterise biomolecules, study their function and optimise conditions for working with them. It can be used to study protein interactions, oligomerisation and macromolecular assembly, and to assess sample integrity and homogeneity.

In addition to proteins and protein complexes, the TwoMP can measure nucleic acids, macromolecular assemblies and nanostructures.

The TwoMP uses mass photometry technology to measure the mass of unlabelled single molecules based on light scattering. It operates in a wide range of native buffer solutions, and can also be used to measure proteins on lipid bilayers and membrane-mimetic systems.

Key benefits of mass photometry

1) Accurate measurement of true native behaviour

  • In solution, in a variety of buffers and compatible with membrane proteins
  • Label free, without the need to modify samples

2) Information on all sub-populations in samples

  • Single molecule counting
  • Wide mass range and high dynamic range

3) One assay format delivering multiple results

  • Homogeneity, structural integrity and activity
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Minimal sample required

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