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Precision Plus Protein™ Unstained Protein Standards, Strep-tagged recombinant, 1 ml


1 ml, unstained mixture of 10 Strep-tagged recombinant proteins (10–250 kD), including three reference bands (25, 50, 75 kD), 100 applications

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Average Rating 4.3

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Great product.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Protein identification

This product is very effective to identify proteins and easy to use. I would recommend it to others.

Review Date: 18 Feb 2019 | Bio-Rad

Great standard!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Western Blotting

This is a great protein standard fairly bright and the different colors make it easy to tell which band is which.

Review Date: 28 Jun 2016 | Bio-Rad

Average Rating 5.0

Perfect separation transfers for Western Blots.

Review Date: 19 Dec 2011 | Bio-Rad

Average Rating 3.7

Good to visualize gradient TGX gels.

Review Date: 15 Jul 2011 | Bio-Rad

Average Rating 4.0

markers degrade.

Review Date: 27 Jan 2011 | Bio-Rad

Average Rating 3.0

Review Date: 15 Oct 2007 | Bio-Rad

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Precision Plus Protein Unstained Standards are a mixture of ten Strep-tagged, recombinant proteins (10–250 kD), including three reference bands (25, 50, and 75 kD). The unique Strep-tag affinity peptide allows detection and molecular weight determination on western blots.

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