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Mustang™ Q XT5 (5ml) capsule Mustang™ Q XT5000 (5000ml) capsule Mustang™ Q XT140 (140ml) capsule Mustang™ Q XT450 (450ml) capsule Mustang™ Q XT50 (50ml) capsule

Mustang™ membrane chromatography capsules, a Pall Life Sciences product, are robust, easy to use and enable users to significantly optimize their process by minimizing buffer consumption, increasing throughput and reducing capital expenditure.

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Combining high capacity, ion-exchange Mustang membranes with a unique 16-layer open-pleat design results in a high-flow rate, high capacity, single-use, versatile range of pleated products that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Mustang Q XT capsules with the same membrane technology and smaller membrane volumes are proven in a wide range of approved processes and clinical trials for applications such as:

  • Capture of lentiviruses,
  • Plasmid purification
  • Adeno-associated virus (AAV) and adenoviruses purification
  • Purification of large protein
  • Monoclonal antibody polishing R

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