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CORTECS premier columns

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Reproducible speed for all your high throughput analysis

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CORTECS premier columns combine the benefits of solid-core particle technology and MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces (HPS). Solid-core particles provide increased column efficiency at low backpressures when compared to fully porous particles of equivalent sizes, and MaxPeak HPS technology mitigates unwanted interactions between analytes and metal ions found within typical stainless-steel columns.

The convenient and efficient combination of these two technologies in one column family provides users with reliable data for all analytes at higher throughput. Ideal for both small molecule and biomolecule LC-MS analysis. CORTECS Premier Columns are available in a broad range of chemistries and in two particles sizes: the CORTECS Premier 2.7 µm Columns for rapid analytical HPLC separations, and the CORTECS Premier 1.6 µm Columns for maximum UHPLC separation performance.

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