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CellRaft AIR System

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Empowering the generation and automated isolation of monoclonal colonies from single cells

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I can recommend it to anyone who wants to pick single cells or clone.


Average Rating 5.0

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whole genome amplification from single cells

It is user-friendly.

Review Date: 13 Dec 2022 | Cell Microsystems

The CellRaft AIR® System uses proprietary CellRaft technology and CytoSort® Arrays to keep cells viable using a contiguous media environment leading to an increase in the number of colonies from single cells that can be isolated. With the instrument you can:

  • Image, track, analyze, and automate isolation of colonies from single cells on one instrument (three-color and brightfield) with no minimum sample size requirement
  • Grow single cells without physically isolating cells thus no perturbation to ensure viability and vitality of single cells as they develop into clones
  • Obtain 10 to 50X more viable monoclonal colonies with a high proliferative index (vitality)
  • Identify the cells you want the instrument to automatically isolate based on various precise user-based attributes as a function of gene expression-morphology and time using the CellRaft Cytometry™ software
  • Grow colonies from primary, adherent, or suspension cells, including iPSCs and immune cells
  • Grow iPSCs into 3D cell systems, including organoids
  • Maintain a complete record of all clones to accelerate regulatory submissions

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