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BD™ Precise WTA & Targeted Kits

BD GenomicsAvailable: Worldwide

Highly accurate RNA quantification with single cells or low-input bulk RNA

BD Genomics

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BD Precise WTA kit
Quickly and easily interrogate poly-adenylated RNA transcripts from a single cell with the BD Precise WTA kit and accurately quantify RNA expression with BD™ Molecular Indexing technology.

BD Precise Targeted kit
Efficiently analyze specific genes of interest while making the most of your sequencing capacity and superior quantification with Molecular Indices.

Founded on patented Molecular Index technology, BD Precise kits enable highly accurate RNA quantification with single cells or low-input bulk RNA. Combined with a FACS sorter, BD brings an additional dimension to research with the unprecedented coalescence of protein and gene expression information.

• Patented, BD-designed Molecular Indexes identify individual RNA transcripts to enable accurate sample tracking and quantification without bias from amplification steps.

• Plate indexing allows multiple plates to be pooled together for a single sequencing run, reducing cost and time to answer.

• Combine phenotypic and transcriptomic data for each cell to gain greater biological insights when BD Precise and BD FACS technologies are used together.

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