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AZURA® Analytical HPLC

Analytical HPLC

KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH

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great result


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

analyze of cafeine, vitamin, carbohydrate, etc.

The effectiveness of the product in the analysis is very good, the service from the manufacturer is also good with fast response and the right solution to problems that arise in the use of the tool. High level of accuracy of the analysis results with good reproduction results. Tools are very easy to operate, The price of the tool is relatively affordable, however, the results provided are good.

Review Date: 21 Dec 2022 | KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH

The analytical HPLC and UHPLC systems of the KNAUER AZURA liquid chromatography instruments are designed to support and facilitate your work. Whether doing routine analysis or demanding separation tasks, AZURA systems are the right tool to overcome your analytical challenges. Choose between different gradient forming technologies and maximum flow rates to find the best configuration for your task.AZURA® Analytical comprises a large variety of different modules which enable you to choose the configuration you require for your analytical task. Choose from different pumps, gradient systems, and detectors.

AZURA Compact with max. backpressure of up to 400 bar represents a very cost-effective HPLC system for basic applications.
AZURA HPLC Plus systems with extended backpressure up tp 700 bar are ideal for improved routine separation tasks.
AZURA UHPLC systems systems provide an extended backpressure range of 1000 bar and an optimized dwell volume. These systems are made for high demanding separation tasks and high throughput applications.

AZURA Analytical HPLC/UHPLC features:
• Isocratic, binary high pressure gradient or quaternary low pressure gradient pump
• Pump heads allowing flow rates up to 10 ml/min at 700 bar or 1000 bar up to 2 ml/min
• Autosampler with 0.1 μl sample aspiration at max. 1200 bar with zero sample loss
• Choice of highly sensitive UVD, MWD, DAD, or RID detectors with intelligent temperature control
• Wide range of flow cells available, including remote cells
• Finger-tight high pressure stainless steel capillary connections “K-Connect”
• Extensive safety features such as leak management and sensors
• Frontal access of detector lamp and pump head for easy maintenance

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