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autoMACS® NEO Separator

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The autoMACS® NEO Separator is the new benchmark for automated cell separation. The fast and gentle isolation of any cell type makes it ideal for diverse downstream applications, such as flow cytometry, functional assays, or omics studies. Proven in thousands of peer-reviewed publications, autoMACS® Technology is the most trusted automated magnetic cell separation method on the market. With fully optimizable settings for you to adapt your target cell populations to be precisely what you need for your downstream assays, you are in full control of your experiments.

The autoMACS® NEO Separator ensures that cells are isolated in a standardized and reproducible manner. You don’t have to second guess and worry about user variation or risk to users.

In combination with our large portfolio of reagents, the autoMACS® NEO Separator offers infinite marker options so that cells of any type or frequency are easily isolated.

Designed with flexibility-of-use in mind, you have your choice of starting material, because cells can be automatically separated from PBMCs, bone marrow, blood products, and dissociated tissues. This makes the autoMACS® NEO Separator a powerful and reliable cell separation instrument you can depend on.

The predecessor of the autoMACS® NEO, the autoMACS® Pro, was cited in thousands of peer-reviewed publications. The autoMACS® NEO has been produced with all the excellent features of the autoMACS® Pro along with improvements that make it the benchmark of what a cell isolation instrument should be.

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