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High Yield Cell-Free Protein Expression System  

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ALiCE® is a new eukaryotic cell-free protein expression (CFPE) system, utilizing tobacco cell lysates. With energy input sustained for 48 hours, ALiCE® yields an unprecedented 3mg/ml in batch mode. This compares to a maximum 1 mg/ml of prokaryotic CFPE systems, which are only capable of producing simple proteins, and most relevantly to 0.1 mg/ml of other eukaryotic CFPE systems.

The outstanding yields of ALiCE® are obtained in a single step reaction, in 48h from the addition of DNA, with the flexibility of use with 96 half well plates or scaling up to higher volumes.

The power of ALiCE® lies in its intact organelles: active mitochondria provide a continuing energy supply and microsomes (endoplasmic reticulum reformed into vessels) enable folding of complex proteins and their glycosylation. This gives you a remarkably easy and scalable tool to express a broad spectrum of proteins.

Each kit is provided with a choice of two vectors. pALiCE01 is used for expression in ALiCE® cytosolic fraction. Targeting to microsomes with pALiCE02 offers the opportunity to express protein with post-translational modifications like disulfide bonds.

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